Not NaNo Day 13

I started work on basic unit movement, as a start to adding in enemy creeps that defend against. Initially, I’ve made a unit which I’ll call a “hover tank” for now. Movement is simple, it teleports instantly, but I’m going to look into cocos2d’s movement and figure out how to actually have it move over the terrain.

cocos2d unit movement.gif
A unit scouting and pushing back the fog-of-war. I still have that selection error causing the first yellow hex to be mis-selected. Ugh.

Right now, units can be placed on top of networks, but not buildings. This seems reasonable. When it comes time to have them move properly, I may need to figure out how to deal with this. Perhaps all units can be air units and fly over buildings. The other option is to pathfind around buildings, but I was probably going to have units cover the distance directly from the start hex to the end hex. Or I may decide to have it hex pathfind and move hex-by-hex. This won’t use the cocos2d movement system, but it might actually be stylistically better.

Units have a vision area around them, but I may also want to have a safe area around a unit to keep enemy creeps from spawning. Like many things, this will need testing to see what’s fun.

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