Not NaNo Day 15

I worked more on unit movement today. I can now actually make a unit cover the distance between the start and end hex cell, but I haven’t figured out how to make it follow the path I spent all of that time figuring out. Currently, I’m using cocos2d’s MoveBy action to move by a certain amount, and this is certainly the correct start, but I can’t figure out how to do what is essentially enqueuing multiple moves taking place one after another, so that a unit can follow the path between hexes, but smoothly move hex-to-hex.

cocos2d unit movement actions.gif
Movement showing linear sliding. This isn’t what I want, I want it to follow my A* path.

Cocos2d may have support for moving a sprite along an arbitrary paths, and it might for Bezier curves, but the documentation isn’t very clear on it, other than it’s possible existence. I’ll look into how cocos2d supports some of its actions, potentially I need to subclass it and define my own step() function to do one step of my path.

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