Not NaNo Day 16

Another relatively slow day, programming wise. I did get a first pass of unit movement working. It’s janky and needs more work, but a unit now follows the path set out for it. I think it’d be nice if it followed the path somewhat smoothly rather than teleporting between hexes, but that’s certainly not needed to get a game working.

There weren’t many examples for how to do move a sprite along a path in cocos2d, so I resorted to looking at the source code for how things are done elsewhere. I ended up subclassing the Action class, and implementing the step() function. I’m still not sure how to make the action stop running when I’ve exhausted the path, but it’s a good start. I definitely don’t want to leave the action running forever in the background.

cocos2d unit movement custom action.gif
Basic movement of a unit following the A* shortest path.

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