Not NaNo Day 20

Not much to update today. I started work on enemy movement, but was not able to get it working. I’m starting to duplicate large amounts of code, leading me to wonder if I’m doing things correctly around program structure and event handling.

cocos2d progress 1.PNG
Current progress.

Also, I seem to be doing something else wrong, because the game runs very poorly. Look at the bottom left of the above image. Yes, it is running at 0 FPS (my estimate is more like 0.5 FPS, or worse), which is telling me something is very wrong. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how to profile cocos2d to see if it’s a bottleneck there or in my code, but even for testing, things are unplayably slow, even without enemies attacking and friendly weapons firing on the attacking creeps. I’m not sure how I’ll address this.


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