Not Nano Day 12

After having gotten basic OpenSimplex noise working, I started working to make it more like real terrain on the scale I was looking at. This involved taking integer x/y coordinates, which are based off of the hex’s offset coordinates rather than cubical coordinates I use everywhere else, and then some factor apart that’s less than 1. I’m calling this a damping factor, because it’s damping how often the noise is sampled. Maybe this is a bad name, but naming things is hard.

Below, I included 4 images showing different damping factors. I’ll need to play around with this a bit more, but I think at the scale, something around 0.05 is going to be the right amount. I’m also going to need to make sure city cores (especially the start core) aren’t drawn underwater, because I don’t intend building to be able to take place underwater. I’ll also probably tweak my transitions between the different terrain hex sprites. I’d like this all to be configurable at some point, and the settings are exposed in the file right now.


I also fixed fog-of war drawing. I’d accidentally put the the actual draw call inside my for loop, so it was drawing every hex one at a time, rather than a all together in one batch. And once that was fixed, I could move on to further implementing it. Buildings can’t be built under the fog of war, and things that are under the fog of war lose their information. There are a couple minor bugs with redrawing things under the fog.

I’m not sure I’m going to keep this. Protection towers still run and protect the area if they’re being supplied energy, but other than seeing the protected area disappear, there’s no other way to know if they’re working. I might also go the other way and hide the safe area, or not allow it to update its status in fog-of-war areas. It’ll depend on what’s actually fun to play.

cocos2d fog of war.PNG
Buildings and networks under the fog-of-war, they look like they’re all in their powered state, even though they aren’t. Also visible: one of the annoying seams I can’t seem to make go away.

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